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Carpet Cleaning in Leland,NC

Carpet cleaning is that thing we all need to have done, but never really want to do it.  Did you know that carpets can hold up to 8x thier own weight in dirt and grime tracked in from outside?   All-County Chem-Dry offers superior carpet cleaning in Leland NC.  A few reasons why carpet cleaning keeps getting pushed to the back our minds is that it takes time and no body wants harsh chemicals being sprayed in their home.  All-County Chem-Dry is not like other cleaning services.  Innovative and professionaly engineered equipment allow us to use 80% less water than competitors, this allows carpets to dry quicker, 1-2 hours instead of 1-2 days.  Also, a natural ecofriendly cleaner is used which is safe around small kids, pets and allergen sufferers.  Our goal is to change the way carpet cleaning is done.  A Deeper Cleaning for a Healthier Home

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Carpet Cleaning Leland: Chem-Dry PowerHead® Cleaning Technology 

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 Chem-Dry has spent years developing and innovating new cleaning equipment to make the carpet cleaning experience much more convenient.  One of the ways we do this is provide a cleaning method which takes the power of carbonation to push dirt and grime particles up to the surface of the carpet fibers to then be vacuumed away  for a deeper, healthier clean.  We first start off by spraying our cleaning solution called The Natural®.  It is safer product to use in your home because it is 100% non-toxic which means it safe to use around pets and kids.  After we spray this solution on your carpet we then pass over the carpet with the Chem-Dry PowerHead vacuum.  The Powerhead vacuum gentle spins to agitate the cleaning solution which causes the bubbles to explode which breaks up embedded dirt and pushes it up to the surface to be removed from your carpet efficiently.  The longer the dirt sits in underneath your carpet fibers the more the fibers get worn out.  Each step grinds the fibers against the dirt slowly fraying the edges taking away from the beauty carpets hold.  All-County Chem-Dry sends out trained technicians to your home that are familiar with the process and equipment to be effective and quick.  Our goal is to gain your trust and we do that by providing professional carpet cleaners that use innovative solutions and technology manufactured by Chem-Dry right the first time.


Carpet Cleaning Leland: Carbonation leads to a longer lasting clean

One of the main reasons that people choose Chem-Dry over its competitors is because Chem-Dry offers peace of mind by providing a healthier, drier and cleaner carpet cleaning experience.  Because the carbonated bubbles are high in number and work so hard we don't need to use large amounts of water or solution while cleaning.  When large amounts of soap, carpet detergents and carpet  shampoos are used they leave behind a sticky residue which attracts more dirt and grime   Peace of mind comes by knowing carpets are cleaned effectively while making it affordable in Leland's community.

Carpet Cleaning leland: Chem-Dry is Healthier

carpet cleaning leland benefits of using sanitizerWe spend a majority of our day inside our homes each day and those hours add up over the weeks.  Rugs, upholstery and carpet flooring act like air filters throughout your home.  Just like your air filters clean the air passing through the air ducts to give you a healthier home.  Carpets do the same thing, just a little bit differently.  Allergens, bacteria, and dirt get trapped in the carpet fibers and with each step these particles get stirred up and get back into the air.  It is highly recommended to have carpets, upholstery and rugs professionally cleaned every 3 months so your home stays healthy, as well as, your family.  At All-County Chem-Dry we offer the option to have our sanitizer used as part of the cleaning package 98% of allergens and 89% of air borne bacteria are removed*  from your home. 

 Another, benefit of using Chem-Dry as your carpet cleaning professionals is that our cleaning techniques use 80% less water than other companies, so your carpets dry in 1-2 hours associated to other cleaning companies that take 1-2 days for your carpets to dry.  The longer your carpets take to dry there is an increased possibility for mold and mildew to grow underneath your carpets.  Carpet cleaning is something we never really think about, but yet it is something that needs to be done every 3 months to maintain a healthier home.  Our services provide you with peace of mind by offering a wide variety of cleaning options so when you schedule an appointment with us a more thorough cleaning can be done the first time around.



"All County Chem-Dry has been cleaning my carpets for close to 10 years now, and I would not hire anyone else!! They are wonderful to work with and so personal, friendly. kind, and considerate. They are animal lovers so that makes it nice when your home is filled with rescue animals with lots of hair in the carpeting. They do such a great job every time and they go beyond the call of duty. They have great pricing as well and always are on time and easy to schedule! I highly recommend them!! " - Lily M

"All-County ChemDry has been cleaning our carpets for several years now, and they are excellent. The office and field personnel are cordial, experienced and dog-friendly. They do great work, our carpets are clean and dry within an hour. I would recommend them highly." - John B.

"The crew that arrived at our house was professional, extremely personable with a very positive attitude. They cared about their job, the company that they represent without coming off as Stepford robots. They were in and out, no dilly dally, but did not appear to be rushed in the sense that we were just another appointment. The product matched the employees - the couch was very clean, stains on the staircase gone... Wife happy - I received a gold star. What more could you want?" - Jeffery H.

"Great Job and showed up on time. I thought that I would have to replace the carpet in one bedroom, but they made it look like new, and it was off-white carpet. This was my second time using them in 2 years and they will be the first one I call for the next time." - J. Howard

"We were more than pleased with the carpet cleaning done by Mark and DJ. Surprisingly pleased to know that our choice of replacement carpet disappeared! They did a super job, especially in a dog spot area -- amazing results! Highly recommend their expertise to revitalize your carpets" - John H.